Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. (GMMC), MMC’s vehicle production and sales joint venture in China, today unveiled the all-new electric SUV Airtrek at Auto Guangzhou.

The all-new Airtrek was developed based on the concept of an « e-cruising SUV, » with « e » representing the three keywords of « electric » (electric vehicle), « expanding » (expanding life with a car), and « expressive » (expressing the MMC uniqueness). Its styling presents MMC’s design identity throughout, from the Dynamic Shield front face to the hexagon motif of the tailgate, embodying both the maneuverability and high stability that characterize Mitsubishi vehicles.

The interior is open and spacious, featuring a horizontally-themed instrument panel that offers a broad field of vision and makes it easy to grasp the position of the car. To create a high-class feel, soft padding is introduced for the parts that passengers touch, and stitches are used in every detail. With its long wheelbase and broad overall width, the new model also offers spacious interior room for the whole family to ride in comfort.

As its EV component, the all-new Airtrek comes equipped with a large capacity 70-kilowatt (kWh) drive battery, achieving a maximum driving range of approximately 520 kilometers (km) under CLTC. Installing the drive battery in the center of the floor has achieved an ideal front-rear weight distribution with a low center of gravity. The motor, inverter, and reduction drive have been integrated into a single lightweight, compact unit, combined with a driving system that delivers high output and torque inside a lightweight, high-rigidity body. As a result, the all-new Airtrek delivers the powerful yet smooth ride characteristic of an EV, with nimble handling for a thoroughly exhilarating driving.